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This program was started by Louie Rodriguez.  Officer Louie as he is known, is a retired Orlando Police Officer who has worked with kids considered "at risk" for many years. 


While serving as a School Resource Officer at South Providence School in Waxhaw, Deputy Rodriguez started a program that rewarded positive behavior in school with an outing at Paintball Kingdom.   At each event the kids were divided into teams and given a mission to accomplish.  This required the kids to practice Teamwork, Discipline and Leadership skills.


South Providence School is Union County's alternative school.  It hosts many of the school system's at risk students including those in risk of long term suspension.   The program was shown to be very successful noting a significant decrease in assault type complaints and an increase in positive behavior.           


At Weddington High School, Officer Louie widened the scope of youth who can benefit from a paintball program by introducing the Union County Paintball Club.  By working with the School Resource Officiers of many of the schools in Union County, Officer Louie created a program similar to intercollegiate sports in which groups of students from each school can play paintball in a competitive fashion while instilling all the same positive influences that are prevalent in the program at South Providence School.              


Since leaving the schools, Officer Louie has continued to reach out to kids and families throughout Union County and the surrounding areas in an effort to provide a fun, positive learning environment through the use of the paintball hobby in an effort to help kids learn the benefits of Teamwork, Discipline and Leadership.


If you would like to participate in our missions, go to our home page and register.  Once you have registered, you will receive an email each month with details of upcoming missions.  You can also become friends with Louie Officer on Facebook or become a member of Union County Paintball Club on Facebook.


Currently, our uniform is the US Army's ACU or the USMC MARPAT uniform.  These uniforms not only serve as a role model for the kids, they also provide the sense of being part of the team.


The only cost would be the cost of playing at Paintball Kingdom at a discounted price.


Paintball games teach communication and teamwork, which is one major reason that many corporations and organizations embrace Paintball as a team building exercise. To be effective, players must communicate and work together on strategies and tactics in order to operate as a team. Those who approach paintball as an army of one usually ends up getting shot early and definitely has less fun than the rest of those who play as a team.

The paintball club offers teenagers a healthy  extracurricular activity that also teaches valuable real-world skills.  It is a  healthy outlet physically because it demands concentration and physical stamina in a variety of physically challenging environments  in a variety of weather conditions.  The valuable real-word skills concentrate on teamwork, duty, and responsibility as it pertains to achieving difficult goals.  The scenarios depicted demand teamwork, concentration, discipline, and leadership.  As we all know, in these often turbulent teenage years, a sense of belonging is very important to our youth, but we all want them to have that sense of belonging in endeavors that are meaningful and healthy.

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